“I have been referring patients with potentially disabling problems to Karen for over a decade. More than any other physical therapist  I have ever worked with she addresses both physical and emotional needs. My very complex fibromyalgia and chronic pain patients are better able to manage their symptoms, become more mobile and independent and reduce their prescription drug needs with her personalized care.”

David Edelberg, M.D., Author of Healing Fibromyalgia and The Triple Whammy Cure

Karen and I have collaborated with patients for many years with great success. She utilizes a “functional” PT approach teaching patients exercise programs that can easily be performed at home with minimal equipment. Karen becomes a valuable resource for patients during therapy and after recovery.

Paul Rubin, D.C.

“I’ve never met a physical therapist with such a comprehensive approach to structure and movement. Karen really thinks outside the box. I trust Karen to consider all contributions to her patient’s symptoms beyond the narrow focus of the location of the symptom itself. She’s in tuned to how the overall posture, habits of movement, and even emotional aspects of one’s life impact the symptom. Karen will identify root causes which not only alleviates the symptom but helps the patient to better understand themselves.”

Kristen Donigan, D.O.

“Karen always goes above and beyond with her patients. Those who have not been able to tolerate physical therapy in the past make excellent progress. I send all of my headache and facial pain patients to her because she has remarkable success.”

Casey Kelley, M.D.